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lmon terminating the instance due to error 481

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可以看到实例被LMON进程给异常终止了,详细内容还需要进一步看lmon trace内容:

跟进前面的call stack信息,很容易定位到如下的bug,详细内容可以参考mos的文章:


  1. The LMON or LMS process crash the instance with an error like:
    ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kghstack_underflow_internal_2], [0x110A10838], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

    ORA-1092 : opitsk aborting process
    Instance terminated by LMS1, pid = 14024818

  2. Review of the generated tracefiles reveals a call stack similar to:
    … kghstack_underflow_internal kghstack_free kccgrd kjxgrf_rr_read kjxgrDD_rr_read kjxgrimember kjxggpoll kjfmact kjfdact kjfcln ksbrdp …

    – OR –

    … kghstack_underflow_internal kghstack_free ktundo kturcrbackoutonechg ktrgcm ktrget3 ktrget2 kclgcr …




The cause of this problem has been identified in a.o.:
closed as duplicate of Bug 20675347 – ORA-07445 [KGHSTACK_OVERFLOW_INTERNAL()+644]

The bug is caused by an AIX compiler issue causing volatile variables in the Oracle kernel not to be handled properly.

The bug is a regression introduced in
The issue does not reproduce in later versions, i.e. 12.1.



To solve the issue, use any of below alternatives:

  • Upgrade to 12.1

    – OR –

  • Apply interim patch 20675347, if available for your platform and Oracle version.

    To check for conflicting patches, please use the MOS Patch Planner Tool
    Please refer to
    Note 1317012.1 – How To Use MOS Patch Planner To Check And Request The Conflict Patches?

    If no patch exists for your version, please contact Oracle Support for a backport request.



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