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Tag Cloud 10gR2 rac 10gR2 rac asm 10g rac delete node linux solaris 11g asm 11gR2 10005 10046 10046 event 10046 trace acoug aix aix dbx amdu ASM au size 8m awr bbed bootstrap$ ORA-08102 数据字典不一致 bug checkpoint clssgmpcBuildNodeList consistent gets consistent read gets cpu Cycle datafile datafile header dataguard db dbms_repair DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER dbms_rowid DBV-00102 db_file_multiblock_read_count dd disk header download dul e2fsprogs enq: TX - row lock contention event event 10015 ext3grep extract extract sql from dmp extundelete file directory filter firefighting fixed corruption block FLASHBACK_TRANSACTION_QUERY Fractured block gc buffer busy acquire gc buffer busy release Goldengate goldengate monitor install hanganalyze how to use goldengate monitor IBM PowerVM instance crash invalid ASM block header iops kclchkblk_4 kfed kfed template directory lgwr library cache lock library cache pin linux linux安装oracle18c LMHB terminating instance logdump log file parallel write log file sync logical reads lsof materizlized view monitor mutex mview mview log mysql group replication ocssd odu offline ORA-00202 ORA-00204 ORA-00283 ORA-00308 ORA-00312 ORA-00340 ORA-00345 ORA-00353 ORA-00354 ora-00445 ora-00600 ora-00600 2037 ora-00600 2662 ora-00600 4194 ORA-00600 [504] ora-00600 [2130] ORA-00600 [4137] ora-00600 [kkslgbv0] ORA-00603 ORA-00604 ORA-00607 ORA-00701 ORA-00704 ORA-01092 ORA-01110 ora-01122 ORA-01157 ORA-01189 ORA-01190 ORA-01194 ORA-01547 ORA-01552 ora-01555 ORA-01578 ORA-03113 ORA-03137 ora-04031 ORA-06512 ora-07445 ORA-08102 ORA-08103 ora-600 2037 ora-600 [kcbzpb_1] [kdsgrp1] listener encrypted_password ORA-3136 ORA-10561 ORA-12012 ORA-15032 ora-15063 ora-15064 ORA-15066 ORA-15072 ORA-15078 ORA-15080 ORA-15081 ORA-15130 ORA-15131 ORA-15186: ASMLIB ORA-15196 ORA-16433 ORA-19502 ORA-27037 ORA-27063 ORA-27072 ORA-27091 ora-29770 ORA-29770 LMS1 hung for more than 70 seconds oracle oracle oracle 12c oracle asm oracle full text index oracle oradebug oracle psu oracle rac oracle sparc oradebug oradebug dump outline exchange performance psu rac rba recover recover PROCEDURE redo allocation latch redo copy latch replicat replication_dependency_tracking restart rman RMAN-06054 rowid scn single to rac Smon solaris solaris sparc sql profile strace stripe superblock bad TTC protocol internal error uba undo chain v$session vertias votedisk wallet x$kffxp x$ktuxe XTTS [729] [2662] [3113] [4097] [4137] [4193] [4194] [4511] [6002] [6006] [kccpb_sanity_check_2] [kddummy_blkchk] [kdsgrp1] [kfc.c:5553] [blk_kfbl] [kfcChkAio01] [kfcDismount02] [krhpfh_03-1202] [ktsplbfmb-dblfree] [ktubko_1] [qerrmOFBu1] [qertbFetchByRowID] [rworupo.1] _allow_resetlogs_corruption 技术分享

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